about us (the breeders) We live in Molalla, Oregon on a 25 acres farm, we have 9 children and dogs have always been my biggest weakness, (I love dogs) I got Luna first and absolutely loved the dog breed, Luna was so easy to train, naturally loyal and so beautiful. My oldest son also fell in love with the breed so much so that he got cersei. a little while down the line I got another Aussies named Pansy, She was so cute, smart and pretty, I wanted everyone to enjoy this breed as much as I did, they are so awesome and such great dogs, Then came Sassy and her sister Sugarbear, they were litter mates. I want everyone to be as happy with their dog/puppy as I am!!

all of our dogs live in our house, sleep in my bedroom and on the bed when they ask. They are family ( my fur babies ) and they are very very well taken care of and loved so very much. A puppy from us will be very well adjusted, birthed indoors and handled daily. They will be around other dogs, cats, kids and loud noises, they will fit right in with your family. If you are looking for your best friend and best dog you've ever had, they are here at molallaminiaussies.com